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Top 5 Best Document Management Software With Client Portal

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The best client portal should provide comprehensive document management software so clients can access multiple sections of the entire project process via a secure website. This includes not just document automation but also performance reports, communications, billing, scheduling, requests for modifications, and other transactions.

Needless to say, document portals are the most effective approach to conducting business with clients because they include everything you need to accomplish projects. To help you decide which client document portal is best for you, we’ve selected five of the best here:

What Is Document Management Software Used for?

Document management software includes a wide range of functionalities to supplement companies in successfully running their work operations completely paperless. It’s one way to store, sort, and manage documents when transacting with clients. These documents can also have version control, workflow integrations, access controls, backup, data security, and more.

Simply put, it’s a commercial software solution that collects, manages, secures, stores, digitizes, and tags company information.

Example of a Document Management System

PDF Readers are one of the best and perhaps, popular examples of a document management portal. It allows you to access documents in PDF files offline and save them for viewing, printing, and publishing at any time and from any location. However, it has its few shortcomings, too, since PDF does not support the integration of workflows and other processes associated with effective document automation.

What Is the Best Software for Documents?

People want to minimize their paper-based tasks and prefer to access important papers from everywhere at any moment as the digitization process continues. For this to happen, one needs to pick the best software for the job. Here are the top 5 best document management software, and we evaluated their features, benefits, and drawbacks.

#1 FileInvite

FileInvite is revolutionizing the way professionals worldwide seek documents and information from their clients. FileInvite’s secure document portal solution replaces email processes in high-document applications such as mortgage applications, education enrollment, legal affairs, accounting, human resources, and banking.


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FileInvite is a secure, integrated platform that you can access and request documents, signatures, files, and data from your clients. Set a deadline and submit your requests. Clients will receive an email with a link to their protected client document portal, where they will be able to respond to your requests. From there, both you and your client will have access to the following features:


Automated document collection: There is no need to spend time following up calls, laborious emails, or text reminders with FileInvite. Set due dates for your document requests and let FileInvite remind you. Approve or reject documents and let the automation software follow up clients on your behalf.

With document automation, you are able to keep clients informed about document requests via email and SMS. SMS messages can link from your clients’ phone to their mobile-optimized client portal. At the same time, you may also use the FileInvite Bulk RequestTM tool to send the same request to all of your clients.

Client document portal: You can request all the files required from your clients with this all-in-one platform. The secure document portal provides a seamless customer experience with automated reminders sent as the deadline approaches. Your customers are able to access the document upload portal where they can attach files, utilize their smartphone camera, and also digitally fill and sign forms online.

Create a separate, secure document portal for each new client. Share files, set document rights, add signature requests, and enable or disable password security as needed. You may also include your brand, such as your logo and messaging dependent on the plan. Customize by personalizing introductions, messages, and notifications.

Online forms and e-signature: You can quickly find single or multiple-party signatures on contracts, agreements, and applications using FileInvite’s legally binding eSignature technology. This way, you can quickly convert paper application forms to digital versions and have your clients complete and sign forms online without installing any software.

All the data collected through forms can be downloaded as a PDF file or a CSV file including all data points.

Templates: To request documents from clients in seconds, use FileInvite’s pre-built templates or create your own. Save document lists, messages, forms, and contracts for future use, and populate with customer information. You can keep your team’s company templates, email messages, and alerts. Allow access and share them on your account.

Workflow and dashboard: To obtain the appropriate files, you can approve, reject, and process documents in one platform. On the dashboard, you can always know where each client and file is. Keep all client requests, communications, and history in one centralized location for security and compliance. Delegate duties or share access with your team.

Integration: Speaking of workflows, you can connect FileInvite to your existing work applications to simplify all tasks you need to accomplish. There are over 100 possible integrations, including Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Zapier and more.

To summarize, FileInvite can collect all the documents, signatures, and data you need up to 80{7c1f727ad66a597ae78cabc4b59d9c205bdf504ab3f799bca935c953578dc3bd} quicker. Its capabilities demonstrate that it can function as both document and workflow management software, allowing you to streamline your corporate processes and decrease paperwork.

Compared to others, FileInvite’s document management software eliminates the monotony of emails and inefficient procedures. You can save up work hours each week by letting the platform handle the most time-consuming tasks for you.


  • You don’t have to be concerned about incorrect formatting again, as FileInvite can automatically convert your returned documents to PDF.

  • It allows you to set the naming conventions for each request you make, so you can easily recognize what they are when returned to you.

  • Make digital copies of your paper forms. Your clients complete them online via their client document portal.

  • With FileInvite, you will never have to lose track of documents because a team member is out of the office. Transfer Invite ownership to another team member with a single click.

  • Contracts, agreements, and applications can be signed easily by a single party or several parties.

  • Set the frequency your client receives email or SMS alerts.

  • You can request, assess, approve, and manage documents in one dashboard.

  • Various documents can be requested and sent from and to multiple clients at the same time.


Furthermore, FileInvite is not confined to a single industry since it may provide legal document automation, banking, financial services, professional services, and other offerings. It can also be utilized in a variety of ways by other professionals.

FileInvite turns document collection into an easy, secure, and seamless customer experience, streamlining workflows and accelerating digital transformation for people-first companies all over the world.

Join the list of industries that rely on FileInvite for document automation. Get your free trial for 14 days or get custom pricing.

#2 Adobe Send & Track

Adobe’s Send & Track is a standard Microsoft Outlook plug-in. It may be used to transfer documents, track files, and receive confirmation receipts when others see your files. When you transmit a file, the system publishes it to the cloud and provides a web link that you may give to your client through email. They may then view or download the file, and you will receive a notification when it is viewed.


(Photo : Screenshot from Adobe’s Official Website)

The Tracker is one of its greatest features in general. You may use it to keep track of the documents you’ve distributed or received. You may also examine and update the location of the response file, as well as monitor which recipients have responded. You can add new recipients, email all recipients, and examine comments made on documents.

In addition, it displays who has joined a collaborative review and how many remarks they have made. You may rejoin a review and email the participants directly. The Latest Updates section summarizes the most recent changes in shared reviews, form files, and servers.

You can sign a document to approve its contents. Then, you may set enhanced security so that a security warning shows when prohibited activity is performed from an untrusted site or file. However, this sort of warning depends on the activity and your version of Acrobat or Reader.

Key Features and Advantages

  • It’s easy to use, so there is no need to learn how to upload documents to a portal.

  • Send and receive documents in the cloud.

  • Assess the documents you distributed.

  • See and manage comments.

  • Manage reviews being done on documents.

  • Sign digitally.

  • Enable security features.

#3 Citrix ShareFile

Citrix ShareFile is a secure cloud-based content collaboration tool that enables enterprises to collaborate on their documents on any device, at any time. It combines business-class file sharing, faster processes, and real-time collaboration in a single platform.


(Photo : Screenshot from Citrix’s Official Website)

You can access and share your files and documents with a few simple clicks. Unlimited storage, an easy email plugin, and the ability to exchange huge files contribute to increased productivity. Its bank-level encryption capabilities safeguard emails in transit and at rest.

You may avoid the hassle of data transfer by using this document automation software to gain secure access to files and folders kept on legacy data systems, with third-party service providers, or any place else. ShareFile provides users with a centralized, secure access point to all data, independent of environment or endpoint.

With configurable workflows that you can handle directly from your ShareFile account, you can automate receiving approvals, feedback, and document-centric activities. Furthermore, its Office 365 interface enables real-time co-editing and versioning.

Key Features and Advantages

  • Send and receive documents securely.

  • Access everything you need in one platform.

  • Collaborate with your team on documents you need to work on.

  • Integrate it with Office 365 for a customizable workflow.

  • Get legally-binding e signatures.

  • Experience a customized client portal.

  • Sync all your files to obtain up-to-date information.

#4 Dropbox File Request

Dropbox is one of the most popular file-sharing services available. It allows you to organize photographs, documents, or any other form of content online and access it from any platform. You may set up a few document automation functionalities for document management software using Dropbox File Request.


(Photo : Screenshot from Dropbox’s Official Website)

It is possible to assign a unique title to each file you receive. Afterward, you can manage these files by categorizing them, storing them as PDFs, photos, or videos, and tagging them.

Dropbox’s digital workflow automation is simple to set up. However, it lacks application cases and may be confined to a few features.

Nonetheless, you may do various activities on each of your files. You may upload and add another file to an existing folder and preview the uploaded file in full-screen mode in Dropbox. You can even share a specific file with someone else on your team. This also applies to those who do not use Dropbox, but they must still sign up for an account.

Key Features and Advantages

  • Set names to each file you send and receive.

  • Manage files through categories.

  • Save documents in a different format.

  • Upload, preview, and share access.

  • Pin and Star files for easier access.

  • Access version history.

  • Tag and make comments on documents.

#5 DocuSign

DocuSign is a market leader in e-signature, providing extensive capabilities for digitally administering and signing documents. Its user-friendly workflow simplifies the signing process, allowing firms of any size to request and perform legally bound and secure digital signatures for documents.


(Photo : Screenshot from DocuSign’s Official Website)

However, DocuSign lacks comprehensive document management features. But it offers a complete way to connect and automate the processes of preparing, signing, acting on, and managing agreements. You can also integrate your process with its platform via 350+ connectors and API.

DocuSign’s toolkit includes a drag-and-drop capability that allows you to simply determine where signatures and other pertinent information are required. You can mark the locations where your receivers must act.

You may add an access code to the document for more security. To open and sign the form, recipients must input the code.

Obtaining signatures is crucial, but so is receiving signed papers. DocuSign’s document tracking tools make this procedure easier. Reports are updated in real-time, so you can see those activities reflected in the reports as signatures are collected, and papers are returned. Its secure nature allows it to be utilized as document automation for healthcare, legal, and other businesses requiring security characteristics for sending and receiving documents.

Key Features and Advantages

  • Easily send, sign and track documents on the go.

  • It helps standardize the agreement process you’ve made with your client.

  • Save time by reducing manual work that comes with signing documents.

  • Utilize tracking and reporting.

  • It’s capable of integrating with any of your existing business systems.

  • It provides a secured document signing process.

A competent document management system can assist in organizing your files and data in one location, keeping track of your key papers, speeding up your workflow, improving accuracy, and providing round-the-clock access to documents from anywhere in the globe. But it works best if you can have custom client portals offered by FileInvite, Adobe, and Citrix.

However, if all you need is to digitize your papers and have them saved and handled, Dropbox and DocuSign may be right up your alley.

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