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Does Courier Software Include a Customer Web Portal?

Does Courier Software Include a Customer Web Portal?  : If you haven’t worked a great deal with delivery software in the past, you might not be sure of exactly what is included in these programs that courier companies use to keep their businesses running smoothly. The average courier program is actually a large suite of software offerings which includes many different elements. Just one of those can at times be a web portal for customer use.

Courier software which includes a customer web portal is something that all courier companies should be purchasing. In fact, most courier companies which are at the top of their industry have had such technology in place for some time now. There are constantly new software upgrades and products being introduced to the industry, and in each case the goal is to offer new and improved features. Often, these features center on a web portal that customers are going to love to use.

This is so important because of how much business most people prefer to do from the web. Given the option of having to do things by phone, fax, or mail, or getting to do them all through the web in a few minutes, the vast majority of business owners are going to pick the web. Courier web portals give them the option to take care of almost all their business with their courier company online.

A good example of this is the way that customers can place orders online through the web portals included with most courier software. This is one of their more basic features, but probably the one which is the most used. Good courier software should include an easy way for customers to request service online. Ideally it should be unique to a customer login so that information like addresses can be saved for easier ordering.

Another key feature of online software for the customer’s use is the order tracking component. When a customer ships something with a courier company, they almost always want to have a reliable method of tracking that package. More and more companies use GPS tracking to accomplish this, and have a web portal which allows the customers to check on the status of their deliveries easily at any time.

Great customer web portals are available in courier software, and might include a host of other features. Some other features they might include are things like invoicing options and inventory management for companies that also offer storage.

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