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Ideal Web Based Small Business Software

Small Business Software : Today, most growing small and medium sized businesses rely on web based software to run their entire company. Highly evolved customer relationship management tools and enterprise resource planning tools with web capabilities have been developed specifically for the small and medium sized business market. But there are thousands of software vendors competing against each other with their own version of web based small business software making it extremely difficult to make a choice.

What defines the ideal web based small business software? Here are some pointers.

  1. A single powerful integrated solution that comprises of all the necessary tools and applications to run your entire business. It should include CRM applications like sales force automation, marketing campaign planner, order management and customer support channels. It should also include accounting and billing applications like shipping planner, financials, inventory management, and payroll and purchase planner. Last but not the least, E commerce should also be included. If you have a customer portal or a web portal then you should be able to manage it completely from your web based small business software.
  2. Easy to use, integrate and deploy. Your employees shouldn’t need separate training to use the software.
  3. Real time updating and connectivity on a global level.

Benefits of web based small business software

  • It can completely change the way your business functions. Efficient web based small business software can help improve the decision making capability of each and every employee in the company by giving him/her access to real time information updates.
  • It can completely eliminate all hassles and costs that are normally associated with maintaining and upgrading separate applications.
  • It can help business improve their relationship with both customers as well as other collaborations.
  • It can give business a complete 360 degree view of each customer and help automate the customer life cycle. In simpler terms, the business will have a birds eye view of each and every customer related to the business.

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