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How Dependable Is Software Based Automatic PSD to HTML Conversion Service?

How Dependable Is Software Based Automatic PSD to HTML Conversion Service?  : There is always a fracas over the decision of choosing between automated conversion tools and hand coded PSD conversion solutions. Well, if ecommerce is your sphere of work, then setting up a feature rich online web portal is mandatory. For that you have to get your PSD format design converted in to themes or templates, which are cross browser compatible and light-weight. People often look for cheap and quick solutions for PSD conversion and think that automated tool/plug in is an economical medium, rather than going for the manual /hand coding. But there are various disadvantages that are being over looked. The mistakes are detected only at the end and are forced to start the process all over again.

Why is this happening with plug-ins or auto conversion tools? Lets take a quick look. Software based PSD conversion promises generation of error free HTML codes, however, it was practically a failure in the generation of bug free code. The bugs in the code will affect the functionality of the website or it may even leads to changes in the original PSD.

Now a days, infinite number of companies are emerging in the filed of PSD conversion, which promises fast turn around time. They complete a series of projects within a short duration, however, they won’t deliver quality as expected or assured. One need not be a professional to use these automated software conversion tools. The PSD conversion done by the software will not be done in accordance with the w3c standards leading to flaws in the functionality, thereby, negatively affecting the productivity and efficiency.

Automatic PSD conversion tools works on the pre set conditions. Hence, the output will always be same. You cannot customize and personalize the outlook of your online web portal in accordance with your needs and likes. Making changes to the software is not a feasible option because it is very complex, requires a lot of time and involves unnecessary over head costs dragging your project dead line.

Automated software codes does not prove to be SEO friendly. If your online web portal is not SEO friendly,then there is no point in setting up a website online to promote your business. Automated conversion does not ensure website enhancements. Hand coding ensures that a website can be modified later on when required. Online web portals should always be SEO friendly,W3c compatible, attractive and engaging. It promises you significant traffic rate enhancing the probability of business growth.

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