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Online Accounting Software Review – NolaPro

Software Review : In the world of online accounting software, NolaPro has become an increasingly popular option for many business professionals. It is a free, web based ERP, accounting, and inventory program. This program is equipped with industry standard modules, such as order entry, inventory tracking, and full payroll services. If a business proprietor needs additional plug-ins for their software, the list of available plug-ins includes POS and a business-to-business web portal. This web accounting software also features an editable Ecommerce shopping cart, which is a popular feature amongst consumers. The system is compatible with Linux, Windows, and Freeware.

In consumer written reviews, one of the most popular features of this accounting software is its flexible user interface, which allows a user to control colors, icon sets, menu displays, and more. Another popular feature of this accounting software is that it allows multiple sets of books for multiple companies, unlimited simultaneous users, and a lack of data restrictions. The administrator of the system is given exclusive control in regards to establish user permissions in different modules. Many professionals and consumers have stated that NolaPro is comparable to the best business software available on the market today.

This software company promises its customers that a user will never have to worry about expiration dates, banners, spyware, or adware. The online accounting software is free to all consumers, and assistance is provided to those who need it in the form of training videos and online support forum. Additionally, it also provides add-on premium services, for an additional fee. Some of the add-on services include training, live support, technical consulting, and on demand customization. Perhaps the most popular premiums service that NolaPro offers is the ability to customize the software to suit the precise needs of any particular business or industry.

The company strives to remain one of the best solutions for your software needs in the online accounting software industry by constantly improving and modifying its infrastructure and by offering features that satisfy the constantly changing market needs of its clients. This web accounting software also offers particular international features, such as VAT/GST support, a built-in language translator, and currency symbol/decimal options, for its global clients. This no nonsense software is guaranteed to provide the solution to the needs of your business. With such an affordable price tag, it is an option of choice for numerous entrepreneurial consumers. Finally, the majority of consumers enjoyed the fact that NolaPro does not continuously attempt to upsell them on their products.

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