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Information Security: Web Application Scanning

Business that handle sensitive and private customer information must ensure that this information is kept secure from any kind of breach or attempt to access this information. Hence the importance of web application scanning.

Business that currently retain and handle sensitive and private information of their own personnel or customers it’s vital that there is enough security and compliance in place to not only ensure the safety of information but to operate with industry standard best practices.

Where this is the case, web application scanning is vital along with many other information security management systems (ISMS) and other audit’s that must take place, to ensure ultimate security and precaution.

What Is It?

Web application scanning is server based software that will run security tests against web applications. The importance of carrying out such scans is due to many web applications being used alongside the internet and as such will face common attacks and may consist of many vulnerabilities that can be easily exploited. Most web applications house important customer data like card information hence the importance to keep regular safety checks.

Once properly implemented web application scanning can significantly reduce the risk of external and internal breaches. Allowing complete flexibility in terms of track, remediate and assess the current vulnerabilities on an on-going basis.

Once scans are completed a report will be generated that will show fixes and vulnerabilities that require attention. In most cases the vulnerabilities will be measured in importance with the severity, security risk and recommendations within a common report.

What Are The Benefits?

By implementing the use of application scanning along with many other information security measures will help achieve the following benefits:

– Increased Efficiency in Remediation
– Increased Web Security
– Can Be Scaled – If Required
– Fast and Easy To Implement
– Ability To Expose Emerging Threats
– Increased Infrastructure Reliability

If outsourced, using information security consultants can help with future support and development of not only increasing web application security but also in many other areas concerning information security. As in order to continue and be pro-active to counteract the many threats that will be continuing to target personal information that may be of some value, regardless how important this is considered by company or customer.

Therefore aligning your company towards ISO27001 and helping all businesses manage business continuity at a more technical level, that allows for more regular and simpler testing that can be carried out on a regular basis.

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