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How Important Is Your Web Portal to Your Company’s Business?

How Important Is Your Web Portal to Your Company’s Business?  : There are a great many companies for whom their web portal represents a significant percentage of annual sales. In fact, for some companies, their web portal represents their entire sales channel (think Amazon, and most of the eBay Power Sellers).

If you are among this number…if your website represents a significant driver of your company’s total annual sales, then protecting your website is equivalent to protecting your business as a whole. Lose the website, and you’ve just lost your primary sales vehicle.

At the other end of the spectrum, there are a number of companies for whom the primary purpose of their website is merely to provide customer information. Dealership location, in the case of most auto companies. Specifications and particulars about your various makes and models, and for these companies, not many sales (or perhaps none at all) are derived from the presence of the website itself. For these companies, should the website go down, it would be more a matter of inconvenience and perhaps embarrassment than an actual impact to the bottom line.

In either case, some thought should certainly be given to the role your company’s website plays in your overall sales picture, and the more important that portal is to your bottom line, the more care that should be taken, and the more resources that should be invested in ensuring that your business website is as safe and secure as you can make it.

Especially for smaller businesses (though as the Amazon example illustrates, not JUST for smaller businesses), a company’s website can be a major component of annual sales, and should the company site be hacked, or brought down by a sustained denial of service attack, it can spell real financial trouble.

Don’t allow yourself or your company to fall victim to such attacks. Take the time to implement strong security protocols and software driven solutions, then have your site audited periodically to ensure that the level of protection you’ve got is sufficient to the task of keeping the site safe.

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