Are Customer Web Portals Included in Courier Software Packages?

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Are Customer Web Portals Included in Courier Software Packages?  : When business employ the use of courier companies, many of the couriers offers their suite of services in software packages designed exclusively to handle all of their daily operations. Most of the time, the delivery software package includes a variety of different options for the shipper, and one of which is a web portal designed to handle all of their shipping needs that can be customized as well.

Many of the leading couriers in the industry have been utilizing delivery software for many years, and continually make upgrades to the software in order to keep up with industry changes as well. Customer web portals can prove vital to a shipper’s needs, so courier companies should absolutely consider developing or purchasing a delivery software package that will help their customers handle shipments with ease.

Given today’s fast paced environment in business, shippers are constantly looking for ways to improve upon their overall shipping operations to make them faster and more effective. When a courier company has in place a delivery software package to offer to their customers, complete with a fully customizable web portal, the shipper no longer has to use outdated delivery services such as faxes, phones and direct mail. A customized web portal will fully automate their shipping operations and save much needed time as well.

One of the more unique features included in customer web portals is the ability for the customer to request different types of services available through the portal. Important customer information such as addresses and specific service types can be included and saved for future use, and since each customer has their own unique login, the shipping information will make it much faster to input once saved in the delivery software system. When service can be requested through an online web portal, services are rendered faster and much more effectively.

Delivery software packages also carry a unique tracking feature, which tracks every package sent from station to station in real time. GPS tracking allows shippers to follow the route of the package from pickup to drop-off, and gives shippers complete peace of mind knowing that their package shipment can be followed at any given time.

Courier companies that offer a complete suite of services in their delivery software packages clearly have a heads up on their competitors, as they include services such as shipment tracking, complete inventory management and other options as well as a customized web portal that can meet the ongoing needs of any shipping operation.

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