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Choosing a Web Testing Service – What You Need to Know

Choosing a Web Testing Service – What You Need to Know : With different application domains and different testing dimensions a person comes across various terms. Web testing is one of those. Totally different from standard web application testing, a website or web development requires you to know the technical stuff. As with other testing types, you have to use certain tools, depending on the type of web development that you are going to test. It could be an open source tool which helps you to test the web development being made with .Net. Soap UI is one of those tools, it can be used to test web services made in ASP.net. With other tools it varies, some companies prefer to use open source tools when it comes to Research and development (R&D) projects; others prefer to purchase licensed tools for testing their specific web development.

Testing a web development requires the person to first of all know the tools/language in which the web development has been made; also the person needs to know the logic behind the web service code. That way the understanding is developed. This is very different from standard web applications testing, as the person is already aware of the functional domain, the technical level stuff is not that important. Though it would definitely help to know the technical details, for manual/functional testing this is not really required. With web service testing, this is a requirement. A person has to know the tool otherwise it is not possible to test the web service effectively.

Also the person will need to have concepts of server-side testing and client side testing. That in turn requires some knowledge of the architecture which the application has been designed in. Essentially from a software tester’s point of view this all seems extra ‘techy’ however it can be performed by anyone who has decent technical level knowledge. We find that people who have the ‘in-between’ capacity, they are comfortable with some level of software development and software testing, take up web service testing work. And in some companies the software developer will prefer doing the web service testing himself rather than taking the chance or taking the time to train someone else to do it.

Such testing is usually done in small to medium scale projects which require a certain technical skill level from their software testers. Although true that software testers are not supposed to be experts at coding and development, but in this particular case it becomes a requirement, to know the technical details of the project and of the respective module before starting web service testing. Also a technical understanding from an architectural point of view would be required from the software tester, as this is testing from a technical perspective.

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