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Applications of the Web Technology

Applications of the Web Technology : When the web technology was introduced just before the turn of the century, it’s only known applications were that of emailing and chatting. Compared to that, today the technology is successfully applied for performing many functions like social networking, blogging, information seeking and most important of all, e-commerce. The rapid evolution of this technology to have acquired the status of a potent global force over a period of a decade is definitely awe-inspiring if not astonishing and mind boggling.

Social networking is a facet of web technology which began with websites like Facebook and Orkut. Soon these websites had millions of members all over the world and served as platforms for re-uniting friends and family members alike. Much of the viral nature acquired by the internet is an aftermath of the spread of information through the word of mouth facilitated by these social networking sites.

An offshoot of social networking is blogging which serves as an online version of a diary in which professionals and experts from all over the world can share their thoughts, expertise and future plans with the global community.

An important application of web technology, the Wikipedia, was launched in 2001 and soon escalated to rank as the 5th most popular website on the internet. Known for providing quality information, this online article repository is accessed by people from all over the world for seeking information of any subject free of charge and without much ado.

One of the biggest applications of web technology is to facilitate online banking and trading and this truly enlarged the use of the internet as people who hitherto considered the net to be a waste of time now realized its potential as a lucrative and convenient revenue-providing option.

While online banking facilitates all transactions from within the confines of one’s home, online trading is much easier as all the data pertaining to the stock market is at the trader’s disposal. Apart from equities, the recent wave of forex trade is also one of the commercial applications of e-commerce.

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