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If you are in the technology or internet business you might have noticed all the adverts for PHP programmers in Milton Keynes. What are they all doing there? The city of the concrete cows and the Open University is now the technology city. There are now numerous information technology and telecom companies in the city and both young and experienced IT staff are being attracted to the area.

MK as it is known to its friends, is a short hop from both London and Birmingham has always been at the forefront of cutting edge concepts. From Bletchley Park, home of the Enigma, right up to being the first city to have fibre-to-the-premises and 4G technology, this city has always lead the way.

Whilst to some Milton Keynes may have been a joke, it is now competing with the likes of Cambridge for new technology companies. No surprise then, with its reputation, superb motorway connections, ease of getting around the city and its network infrastructure that the computing companies have moved in.

Take a stroll round the central shopping mall or sit in one of the many coffee shops or pubs and you will soon rub shoulders with computer designers, network engineers, project managers and PHP programmers in Milton Keynes. The Open University has a large school of Communication & Systems and the Computing Department both of which carry out international research alongside major and local businesses.

Cranfield University is just down the road with its world-class science, technology and engineering departments, meaning even more IT staff around.

So what are these PHP programmers doing? PHP is a scripting programme that is utilised in designing many websites as well as the applications that work behind the scenes. A few things that PHP can do is keep track of visitors, design WordPress themes, write WordPress plugins and publish items to specific areas on a web site.

PHP is an open source software which means it can be used by anyone and is maintained by volunteer developers. The rise of internet businesses has lead to a proliferation of PHP programmers. However the development software is so versatile that people can build up a high level of skill in its applications.

To be a great PHP programmer, it is always good to have a background in HTML, a web design software programme. The two software codes share a similar syntax and structure and of course they often intertwine in the internet world. There is no formal education required to be a good programmer, although there are numerous training courses available, many of them in this city. PHP is not easy to learn and its interfaces and complexities can take some time to understand.

So comparing the versatility and cutting edge nature of a PHP programmer with the technologically aligned and always at the forefront that characterises the city you can see the great match they must have. Keep an eye out for PHP programmers in Milton Keynes, you might be surprised as to how many you come across.

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