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10 Top Web Hosting Companies in 2022

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For a hot minute, you’ve wanted to get your blog or online startup running, but you’re not sure how

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Top 5 Property Management Software in 2022

Property Management

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With rentals skyrocketing in the aftermath of the pandemic, landlords will need to rely on effective property management software to manage their properties and safeguard and expand their investments. As a property owner, you

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Best cloud storage apps in 2022, tested by our editors

It used to be that 1 terabyte (TB) of storage was a lot, but now 1TB of storage is quite common to find on even the least expensive laptops. Over the years, a number of cloud-based storage vendors have begun

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The Internet has no place in Khamenei’s vision for Iran’s

The Internet has no place in Khamenei’s vision for Iran’s future

Sayeh Isfahani

“Can you hear me? Mom, can you hear me?” I repeat frustratedly into my cell phone as our WhatsApp video call drops for the third time.

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Russia Is Quietly Ramping Up Its Internet Censorship Machine

Hey there, folks! So, here’s the deal – Russia has been getting pretty serious about controlling what goes on online within its borders. Yeah, they’ve been ramping up their internet censorship game, and it’s got a lot of people concerned … Read More

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Using Bitcoin To Establish VPN Connections Without Trusted

A Bitcoin VPN allows two or more parties to discover each other and be able to communicate privately over the public internet without trust.

This is an opinion editorial by Moustafa Amin, a technology leader with more than 20 years

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