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Graphic Design Types of Functions

Types of Functions Graphic design is a form of visual communication. Its existence makes it easier for humans to capture the message and meaning of a design result. Not only designing or planning something, but also compiling messages that are easy for others to understand.

Graphic Design Types of Functions

What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is a communication design in the form of images that aim to convey information and messages to the public. Graphic design is a form of image communication that is communicative and informative.

Types of Graphic Design

Broadly speaking, graphic design is divide into 2 types, namely bitmap graphics and vector graphics. Here’s an explanation.

Bitmap graphics

Is a graphic that is forme from a collection of dots or pixels on a computer screen display. If the graphic results are enlarge beyond normal size, you will see boxes or pixels.This type of graphics is compatible so that it can be accesse in various free software. Examples are JPG, BMP, and PNG. Some of these graphics-making applications are Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Paint.

Vector Graphic

Is a graphic that is generate from mathematical calculations to determine the color composition, thickness, to the right position. When enlarged, the results of this graphic will not look like boxes. This type of graphics can only be opene through the software maker. Examples of vector graphics are PICT, EPS, and WMF. In general, these graphics  made with CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator.

Graphic Design Functions

Graphic design appears as one evidence of technological developments. In everyday life, graphic design has quite a lot of functions. Some of these functions include:

As communication media

Graphic design plays an important role as a communication medium. The work in making graphic designs can be use for communication media. For example making banners, slogans, and so on. Making a slogan or banner will certainly be more interesting if you add supporting images. Audiences will more easily understand and understand the information conveyed.

As Media Promotion

The next function of graphic design is as a promotional medium. Many companies or business people use graphic design to promote their commercial products. They will make advertisements in the form of pictures accompanied by writing to attract consumers’ interest in the products offered.

Art Appreciation Media

Apart from being a medium of communication and promotion, graphic design is useful as a medium for art appreciation. This is because making graphic designs uses art because graphic designers certainly need creativity in making works. In order to better appreciate art and creativity, many graphic design competitions have now been held. It aims to showcase the next generation of creative graphic designers.

Channeling Hobbies And Earning Income

For those who are intereste in drawing, graphic design can be a place to channel their hobbies. This hobby can be hone with knowledge and skills that are always update to earn income. Nowadays the need for graphic design is increasing so that it can become an opportunity in the world of work.

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