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Will Courier Delivery Software Offer a Customer Web Portal?

Will Courier Delivery Software Offer a Customer Web Portal?  : If you are new to using delivery software or have never used it in the past, you may be unaware of all the great features these programs have to offer. A typical delivery program usually offers a suite of programs that help with many different parts of your business, ensuring efficient operation of your company. One of these features is the customer web portal, and yes, good software will include this option.

Software including the customer web portal is crucial to client satisfaction and companies should be looking for this feature when purchasing software. Actually most companies succeeding in the industry have been using this system for years, allowing their customers to order services and track without waiting on hold for a representative. New products and upgrades are forever being added to this industry and usually these products a focused on the web portal and are client centred. They are designed to provide a value added service to the client directly, but the benefits will reflect on company performance none-the-less.

People appear to prefer to do business on the web, making this an important feature. Rather than wait on hold, use the fax or email; most clients will elect to use services available on the web that can be completed in a matter of minutes. The web portals offered by the courier and the delivery software, give the client the choice to manage all their business needs online.

Placing orders online through the web portal is a good example of a feature; it is one of the most used features but surprisingly one of the most basic. The software should include an easy way for the client to access the service online. Customer information should be saved and the information within the portal should be unique to the client making using the portal less time consuming. The tracking component of the web portal is another key feature enjoyed by courier clients. Customers always prefer to have a reliable method to track their packages when using a delivery company. GPS is being used by an increasing amount of companies to allow the customer to track their shipment; a web portal allows them to check back anytime they feel – without having to call the company for the information.

Most courier software should include a great customer web portal as well as other features. Other features that may be included may include inventory management for companies also offering storage.

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