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Web Hosting Basics : Building web site today has becoming easy as free online tools have been found on the internet. Anyone can go and use these tools to build his site. Building a site means to create the site web pages. These web pages are often HTML files. Once the overall process is done, the important question is where these files are hosted or located. This question is the basis for the web hosting term.

What meant by the question above is where these files are served. To get more insight let us see what happens when the internet user type an address in the browser requesting a web page. The browser inspects the address and determines the server address (also called web host address). The server is the main computer that stores the web site files. The web server or the web host then sends the needed page that requested by the client back to the browser.

From the above, the reader can see that any web site needs a remote computer which is called a server or the web host that stores the files and pages of the web site. When one of the pages or files stored on the server is requested by remote browser, the server sends it back to the browser. The web Host is like the home computer but has much more power capabilities. When talking about web hosting, we talk about choosing and storing the site files on the server.

When choosing web host available at certain company that offers the web hosting service, many factors must be considered. The two most important factors are the disk space and the bandwidth limit for the chosen web hosting service. The disk space is the maximum amount of hard drive allowed to be used by the user. The site owner must determine the size of his site and then choose a company that offers a space that he needs.

The bandwidth is the maximum size of bits that can be downloaded from the server over a certain period (which is often a month). If the server detects more bits are downloaded during that period, it will not allow any more pages to be seen by the visitor. This is not desired of coerce and the best host providers make this option unlimited. If the limit is reached it will be poor for the visitors and the search engines which will in turn decrease the ranking.

Once the web host is chosen and the web hosting account is setup, the nest step is to take the site pages and files and put it on the web host or the server that is chosen. When one of these files or pages is requested with the server address, they will be downloaded by the server if all is setup properly. The above process is called web site upload. It is the reverse of download.

To upload the web site, a certain protocol is called FTP standing for File Transfer Protocol. This protocol is designed for managing files on a computer from another remote one. It is composed of a series of commands that can be typed on Dos. Many programs are designed to upload the site using FTP instead of Dos. This will make it easier. CoreFtp is an example of FTP uploading programs.

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