Getting Started With Free Web Hosting

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Getting Started With Free Web Hosting : The 3 fundamentals to put your website on the internet are domain name, hosting and content. With various extensions of domain names, hosting-packages, technical-jargons and terms of registration, the plain vision of your website online has now transformed into something confusing.

Let’s guide you with simple steps which will help in hosting your website.

(1) The principle behind your website: First and foremost, you are required to make a list of the reasons for why you need a website. Do you need it because you wish to share your photos or writings with family or friends? Or do you need a website to sell your products?

(2) Choosing a domain name: When you have become aware of the principle behind your website, then it will get quite easy for you to decide a suitable domain name for it. Do not get lured by free website names that many service providers provide. That you can get a domain name free of cost is a common-misunderstanding. Registrations of domain names are never free.

(3) Your requirements: If you are expecting quite many visitors in a single day or you have a lot of files or photos to share with the visitors then you will require good disk space and bandwidth.

(i) If you are planning to set an online-store, you will have to accept the credit-card information of the customers. Here you are required to make use of the advanced options of security.

(ii) If the website is your first one and you are just experimenting with it then your list of requirements can be shorter. All you would need is a free plan that hosts your website.

(4) Look out for a trustworthy service of free web hosting: Once you get an idea about your requirements, you just need to look out for a trustworthy service which will host your website for free. You can search for such companies over the internet. Don’t just settle by doing a small research. Look for as much as you can and finally settle for the one that you find most reputable.

Fundamental things to check for in a service of free web hosting:

(a) It allows the customers to use the domain name of their choice.

(b) No forced banners of advertisements are there.

(c) It has storage for web hosting.

(d) It has a data/bandwidth transfer.

(e) It has services of e-mail.

Once you find a service that suits your requirements in the best possible manner then you should look forward to designing your website.

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