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Is There a Web Portal for Customers in Courier Software?

Is There a Web Portal for Customers in Courier Software?  : Customers are used now to being able to do things like place orders and track their shipments online from the website of their courier company. They do this by using the web portal which is typically an incorporated part of the delivery software that the courier company uses. While the web portal is only one part of a very complex software system, it is a very important one, and the one which serves as the only part of the software which customers actually see and interact with.

The web portal that is included in most courier software is actually a very complex piece of software which will include many features that the clients of the courier company can take advantage of. These include inventory management, online order placement, tracking, and even signing up for an account online.

Online order entry is probably the feature of an online web portal which is used most frequently by the customers of courier companies. This allows people who hold accounts with a courier company to login to the website and place an order for courier service with a few clicks. The entire ordering process should only take a few minutes, and ensures that orders are processed accurately, as the information throughout every step of the delivery will be provided to courier staff exactly as the client entered it into the system.

The tracking system is another very important part of the web portal which most courier companies offer to their clients. When someone ships something with the courier, they will be given a tracking number. Then, they can go to the courier website and enter the tracking number into the search field, and instantly find out where their package is. With courier companies that have GPS tracking enabled, you will be able to see exactly where it is in real time.

There are other, more advanced features which are also a part of the web portals which are included in many types of courier software. In companies where warehousing and distribution are services that they offer, there are usually inventory management options in the software. There is also usually a very strong reporting component so that clients can generate any type of custom reports which they might require. There may also be other features such as the ability to put a stop request on a shipment that is in transit, or the ability to reschedule scheduled service built into the web portal.

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