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5 Benefits of Using Dedicated Server Hosting

5 Benefits of Using Dedicated Server Hosting : Are you unable to manage the present traffic to your e-commerce site? Or are you expecting significant traffic to your website once it’s up and running? Dedicated Server is the one stop solution you are looking for. Renting a dedicated hosting gives you the privilege of having an entire server just for your business. You have multiple options to play with including hosting more than one website. This article takes you through five major benefits of having a dedicated server.

High Level of Security
You are the sole user of the server which gives you the advantage of playing an active role in the security settings of the server. Shared servers often face hacking issues due to the large number of websites hosted in the same space. Apart from this, being the sole user of the resources you can prevent issues of shared malicious software and viruses. You may choose to go for a fully managed hosting to ensure that your server security is kept under regular check and the security patches are installed regularly.

Reliability and Performance Redefined
This is what makes dedicated server worth every penny spent. You get to use the entire bandwidth which means; the website will work seamlessly and will be equipped to handle high traffic efficiently. The speed of transactions and page loading will be faster which enhances the usability of the website. And most importantly you will enjoy constant up time and a better overall performance. In the event of any issues you have round the clock technical support over the phone and email to resolve your server issues at the earliest. This is why dedicated hosting is highly recommended for large business which host more than one websites and handle heavy traffic.

Better Flexibility
The access on a shared server is limited as it is shared across a certain number of website owners. Having a dedicated hosting gives you the highest level of access on the hosting and the server. You can decide on the parameters and features depending on your business requirement, flow of traffic and content involved. You can hire your own developers and engineers to perform these functions or go for a fully managed hosting. In a fully managed version the hosting firm will take care of performing the settings as and when your business parameters change. This way you can avoid the overhead cost of hiring professionals to manage your server.

Customizable in All Aspects
When your business grows, you traffic is bound to get heavier and you will be in want of more bandwidth and disk space. Being the sole owner of the dedicated server nothing stops you from upgrading your server to run on a new configuration. This way you stay on the same server and customize your configuration which avoids the hassle of moving between servers time and again.

Special Rights
Exclusive ownership brings along the right to launch private applications and permissions to configure applications to suit your needs. This is not possible on a shared server as the access given to each website owner is restricted to avoid issues on resources.

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