Benefits of Using Open Source Technologies for Your Website

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There are a number of benefits associated with Open Source technology. They include better web development results and a website price that is lower than traditional options. So at this point you may be saying, “Great, but what is Open Source technology?” We are glad you asked. The technology is made up of languages, software, and other elements that allow access to the items for free. In addition, the user may make changes, additions, and any improvements needed to create a personalized solution. This is done through an open licensing agreement that allows the developer to view all of the source code and edit it or improve it as needed. Unlike other programs or technologies that operate on a closed source code and limited license, Open Source is much more flexible.

Well, you have a basic understanding of what Open Source code is, but you may still be questioning the benefits it will have for your website project. Basically, web development requires the use of certain software. Some of this software is very expensive, and it creating specialized features necessitates hours of hard work, testing, and retooling. OS technology can reduce the overall website price because the web design professional will spend less money on expensive software that has to be recouped from clients. In addition, the time it takes to complete a site is much faster because Open Source technologies provide the ability to manipulate the code so the process is easier. In addition, Open Source is used by millions of programmers and developers. These individuals belong to communities where different codes are shared. It is possible that the feature your website needs has already been created by another developer. In some cases, there are costs associated with purchasing the code but it often much less that it would cost to create new.

Another benefit of Open Source technology is better security. This may seem contradictory since the code is visible to everyone, but that is exactly why it is more secure. The reason this is true is the number of individuals reviewing the code every day for potential problems. When an issue is uncovered, it is immediately addressed. This means fewer bugs and security risks which reduces the website price associated with operation. Web development of your site will incorporate the latest updates, so you will receive the best product possible. If your web designer has to purchase expensive upgrades, you will be less likely to benefit from the newest features or resources.

Of course you are excited about the possibility of reducing your website price through Open Source technology and that is a reality. However, you should remember that there are costs associated with Open Source options. They are considerably less than traditional methods, but you should compare the web development process with Open Source and with other options to determine the most cost effective path for your organization.

Finally, there are benefits beyond website price to be considered. Web development of a traditional site will typically include elements that are not fully owned by the business using them. This is due to licensing issues. However, with Open Source it is much easier to be the owner of your technology. For instance, if you purchase the ownership of your websites shopping cart, you could sell the technology to another company at some point. It is important to remember that Open Source may not be for every company, so it is vital that you do your research and discuss the options with your web development team. Then go with what makes sense for your situation.

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