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Automate Web GUI Test With GUI Testing Tools

Automate Web GUI Test With GUI Testing Tools  : Graphical User Interface or GUI is a kind of user interface or GUI item that enables people to interact with a certain program or application with the use of images. Before, we will observe that most of the programs that were created would require the user to input text commands so that they can navigate and use the system fully. However, things have changed now and we can see that GUI is the most common type of interface for the users as it makes use of graphical icons as well as visual indicators. Nowadays, 99{7c1f727ad66a597ae78cabc4b59d9c205bdf504ab3f799bca935c953578dc3bd} of the websites make use of GUI since it will provide their visitors easier ways to go over their site and explore what they have to offer. This is why if you are running an online business company, you will need to make sure that everything is of great quality. One of the methods that will allow you to verify the quality of your site is through the web GUI test.

There are several things that you will need to check during the web GUI test. Nevertheless, you do not have to worry here because you can easily benefit from the power of automated GUI testing. You may be familiar with this since it is oftentimes used when it comes to software testing. The process here is the same; the developer or the website owner will have to test the usability and efficiency of his website through the use of the web test tools for graphical user interface. Most of the tools that are available today have record and playback capabilities. Therefore, it will be simpler for you to run regression tests whenever it is required for you to do so.

Among the website features that are normally tested include the loading and performance of the site along with the links, website security and log analysis. In GUI functional testing, you can make use of a tool that will allow you to create tests that can mimic the activities or actions and the assessments of the actual human testers. This will help you get better results and be able to improve your website’s interface.

In general, the web developers prefer to automate GUI testing for their site when they want to test the capability and the efficiency of web application logging, choosing an option from a certain menu, data keying and data retrieving. Of course, you want to make sure that everything that is on your website is valid. To know this, you will need to perform different tests that are appropriate for your goal. Upon establishing the goals, you will know what you have to do in order to achieve each of them. For instance, you would like to ensure that the links on your site are working. Since that is your goal, you check and validate the links on your web pages by means of testing them. Here, you can always make use of a link checker tool so that you will be able to verify that they are indeed functioning. If they are not, you can repair broken links easily.

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