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4 Ways VPN Hosting Redefines Your Business

4 Ways VPN Hosting Redefines Your Business : VPN hosting service stands between shared and dedicated hosting services with respect to features and usability. This is the closest simulation of dedicated server hosting. VPN gives you an edge over shared servers and is similar to dedicated servers in many aspects. The main server is partitioned to function as independent VPN. This gives you sole ownership of this space and gives you a restriction free server environment. This article discusses four ways in which VPN improves your performance and enhances your business.

Improved Security
Sole ownership of your partition allows you to decide on the security settings of the server. Apart from this, no other website will be hosted in your space which prevents any shared malicious ware from affecting your website and system performance. This is practically not possible on a shared server. The best part is that the service provider assists in keeping your security configuration up to date. This saves you a lot of time and effort. Apart from this you also have the option of installing custom firewalls for higher safety. You can configure rules to filter the incoming traffic to prevent any attack on your virtual server.

Reliable Performance
VPS provides you an isolated space, which allows you to use the full bandwidth, disk space and the designated RAM. These parameters can be decided on the amount of traffic flow you are expecting to your website. VPS brings faster loading of pages and quicker transactions on your website. Faster your website more customers it will be able to cater seamlessly. VPS hosting is recommended for online business firms or blog owners who find it difficult to rent a dedicated server. The performance of your site is independent of the issues of another site hosted in the same physical server. That’s what VPS gives you, total reliability and improved performance.

Flexible and Scalable
VPS is a scalable system which implies that each of the resources can be configured when there is a need. If you are expecting your traffic to increase in the coming months, you have the option of scaling up your bandwidth to accommodate the impending rise. More Hard disk space and RAM can also be allocated depending on your requirement. This allows you to keep your growing business or content in the same server. This way you get to avoid migration of data between servers. As your business grows improve your resource allocations and maximize the effectiveness of your website. Having a VPS also enables you to have more than one website depending on your requirement. You can also decide on the backup space required on the server

Cost Effective
VPS hosting is a highly affordable service. This plan is especially useful for start-up companies who require a dedicated server but cannot afford to rent a dedicated hosting. With VPS you get to enjoy the same features as of a dedicated hosting at lesser cost. VPS allows you to use your partition as an isolated system with a different OS and security settings. VPS is costlier than shared but the benefit it provides makes it worth the cost.

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