How much does a website cost?

In today’s inflated economy, where some goods and services have doubled in price, what are the factors that influence the cost of a website?

For a substantial number of business owners, the website has become one of the most important assets of their operation. In the past, a company’s success was predicated on their physical location; hence the famous real estate quote: “location, location, location”.

In today’s ever-changing market, the website has, in some cases, replaced the traditional brick-and-mortar operation. In this digital age, the website has become a center for commerce, a branding platform and conversion tool for clients in the B2B world. The reality is, all websites are located in one gigantic neighborhood, so maybe the question isn’t how much does a website cost… but how much does it cost for my site to be found?

Contracting for a New Website

As an owner of a business, there are several factors to consider when contracting for a new website. The design and development of your site will be predetermined by the goals you are intending to achieve. The first step is to clearly define the business goals for your new website, such as e-commerce, new product launch, lead generation, or simply brand credibility to ensure consumer confidence. This determination will enable your website company to map out a strategy for your site that includes an in depth understanding of the customer journey. The website strategy will be broken down with a focus on design, functionality, content, copywriting, and total number of web pages. All these factors influence the cost of building a new website.

For business owners who are looking to save money, there are very inexpensive options available. Companies like WIX and Square Space offer solutions for under fifty dollars a month, however there are significant limitations to these products. Often, these products tend to have poor SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which is how you will be found in that giant neighborhood called the world wide web. In addition, they have security vulnerabilities, page speeds tend to be slow, and the themes used to build them are in constant need for updates.

Websites are a Business Solution

When looking for a website, it is important to consider it a business solution. The fair price for this solution will depend on the strategy and several other variables.

A custom-built professional site with certain attributes can range from $5,000 to $80,000+. It is important to understand how your site’s performance will generate a return on investment for your company. Also understanding that the journey doesn’t begin and end with the initial website build. To achieve success, maintenance and marketing of your website are essential in a competitive digital environment that is constantly evolving.

Content Management Systems and Hosting Options

It is also critical to consider the content management system (CMS) your site is built with and what hosting company is best for your site. A CMS like WordPress is a user-friendly management system that is customizable and provides strong SEO opportunities. Ultimately, your CMS can be determined in your strategy planning meeting. There are very inexpensive hosting options available, but not all hosting companies are created equal. This determination should be based on specific performance needs.


A website build, maintenance, and marketing plan are all part of a large investment that can determine the success of a company. One of the most influential pieces to a successful new website is the people behind the build. Working with an experienced team, with in-depth web design knowledge, is key and can make or break the success of a project.
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