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It’s not very difficult to create a web development that is user friendly. It only takes some thinking ahead. When initiating web development the first thing to think about is the audience. The content and style should cater the audience preferences. A web designer should take a look at the sites that they commonly visit and take note the qualities that are most appealing. What makes this website so appealing? Is it the graphics that are offers? Does the text seem to flow logically? Piecing together positive aspects of different websites will aid in the basic concept of the desired web design.

These aspects that have been taken from other websites can be pieced together to form the desired web design. However, in a web development plan always think about the user. A website is design for a person to come on and use. If the website is not user friendly then usage will be low. There for keep in mind the visitor when creating a web design. In web development think like the average web surfer that is visiting the website for the first time. Make sure that the pages connect logically for the user. Don’t forget to provide them with information and navigation cues. Having a way for them to be able to navigate between pages efficiently will aid so much. Never underestimate the use of the back cue on a website.

A good knowledge in HTML in web development should not be forgot. It is valuable in the implementation of the website. Templates will help keep consistency in the development of the website. If at all possible test the web page before it is finished. This will make sure that the web development that was implemented had the desired effect and is indeed user friendly. Another aspect to include that will keep the development plan user friendly is to create an extendable directory and a basic file structure. Organization is the key.

Once everything has come to fruition it does not necessarily mean that the web development is complete. Continuously think of new ways to make things better. Web development never finishes. It continues to change and get better over time with the addition of new forms of technology and better ways to help visitors to the website use it. Once the web development is successful in its implementation promote it in every venue possible. Don’t keep a good thing hidden. Link the website with others and do not underestimate the power of word of mouth. Taking into account all of these things in web development will create a productive user friendly website.

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