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How to Use the Event Registration Software?

How to Use the Event Registration Software? For years businesses have been relying on third party event management experts to organize their events. Event management companies that are known for resorting to expensive methods to execute a particular event; they have always exploited the organizational lack of expertise and logistical limitations. As a result, costs incurred were exceptionally high every time there was a program in the vicinity to be hosted. With the introduction of the online event registration software, this dependency levels have come down significantly. Now, anyone can organize an event of any magnitude in an efficient manner using this comprehensive Cloud-based solution.

The event registration software is an easy-to-deploy, user-friendly device. It is hosted as a Software-as-a-Service and whosoever purchases it can download and access it from anywhere, anytime using any web enabled device having internet connectivity. The software solution does not require any extra hardware or software support to be maintained; neither is there any need for frequent upgrades. Even a non-technical person can get it integrated with the existing system of an organization and start using without having to pay any licensing or hosting fee.

Event Registration Software: A User Guide

To make full utilization of the event registration software, an organizer needs to explore its various functionalities and the embedded tools. Following are the key features and their basic know-how:

Online event registration: This prime feature enables organizations to create multiple online event registration forms for a variety of events using a series of pre-designed built-in templates. These templates can be incorporated with any relevant content and graphics to create custom-made forms. Once designed, the forms are uploaded on the dedicated portal automatically and the form becomes available for public access 24/7.

Online payment management: The online payment management solution supports numerous online and offline payment gateways that are authenticated by the Payment Card Industry and certified by SSL. Through these gateways registrants can be allowed to pay their fees conveniently using their credit/debit cards under real-time monitoring of the event organizers.

Automated emailing: The event registration software comprises of a robust email messaging engine. Using this functionality, bulk emails can be sent out to end users and stakeholders for faster and better communication. Users of premiere third party customer relationship management solutions such as Salesforce can avail of an additional Salesforce Connector in order to easily source the contact details from its centralized database.

Promo code engine and group registration: By using the promo code engine that comes with the application, organizers can offer lucrative discounts and special prices to their prospective attendees. They can also offer group registration facility to increase online registrations.

Online marketing and social media promotion: The software solution provides many free online marketing tools such as online calendars and catalogs to promote events across the web world. Additionally, it provides a paid Connector facility to enable promotions across a number of leading social media sites.

Name badge printing service: Event organizers can create personalized name badges using a series of templates and then send them via emails to the attendees to be printed at home.

Smartphone based lead retrieval system: It allows organizers to use their Smartphones instead of expensive scanners to scan the name badges and generate leads in real-time.

Report creation: Using custom reporting tool event performance reports can be created in any downloadable format.

The event registration software is very reasonably priced. So, any business, be it a small start-up or a multinational company, can afford it easily and reap long-term benefits.

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