Global leader of avionics and aerospace services introduces one-of-a-kind resource center with access to on-demand training videos for avionics engineering standards.

Press Release

Jun 27, 2022

ConsuNova, a leading aerospace engineering solutions provider, today announced the release of its on-demand video and resource training portal that includes recorded demonstrations of applied avionics engineering methods. The industry-first On-Demand Training Portal offers engineers over 20 pieces of modularized, focused content based on FAA and EASA rules and regulations. Created by certified DERs and CVEs, content topics cover the full gamut of avionics and aerospace software (DO-178C), hardware (DO-254), systems (ARP 4754A) and safety (ARP 4761). All video sessions are limited to an hour and a half, allowing the portal to provide streamlined, accessible training for its users. With a core value of consulting in new ways, ConsuNova has proven success implementing subscription-based virtual training with UTC Aerospace back in 2018, it does so again for a worldwide audience with its On-Demand Training Portal.

“We believe everyone interested in avionics and aerospace should have access to tools and information that will help them build safer skies,” said ConsuNova CEO, Reza Madjidi. “It’s all too common to see individuals in these fields without an easy access to up-to-date ‘mission-critical’ knowledgebase, regardless of their experience level or role. That’s why we built the On-Demand Training Portal. We’re giving any and all aerospace pros the most useful assets and knowledge, available whenever and however they need to use it,” he added.

The online portal offers visitors tiered access to content through ConsuNova’s website, one being free to all users, with the other offered as a six-month paid subscription (individual classes or for the entire organization). Regardless of membership status, all content is available for preview along with two pages of templates. For full access, visitors can create an account by visiting

“The portal works as a take-off and landing point for engineers and managers interested in aerospace software, hardware, systems and safety,” Reza said. “We wanted to provide as much information about avionics and aerospace engineering as possible. When you visit the portal for the first time, you can preview all content before becoming a member or purchasing, so you can best know what will work for your needs before you join. Once you sign up, you can view numerous informative videos and purchase premium training content to review at your own pace, from anywhere you need to be. It’s that easy.”

The On-Demand Training Portal is available for use immediately. With more training modules to be added on a monthly basis, ConsuNova aims to facilitate an efficient route for engineers obtaining the knowledge required for avionics development in a manner that is most convenient for them. 

About ConsuNova

ConsuNova is a leading global provider of commercial (FAA /EASA) and Mil-Aero (Defense) avionics certification solutions; including engineering services augmentation, Gap Analysis, workshops on ARP 4761, ARP 4754A, DO-200B, DO-254 and DO-178C, as well as avionics Process Templates and Checklists for all disciplines. ConsuNova provides avionics compliance solutions faster and in the most cost-effective way and also offers complimentary, downloadable case studies and whitepapers. Founded in 2012, ConsuNova is headquartered in San Diego, California, and maintains corporate offices in England. 

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Source: ConsuNova, Inc.